“jardin rouge, an urban art oasis near marrakesch” exhibition – mirage, berlin


jardin rouge:
an urban art oasis near marrakesh

by bart van kersavond

mirage wedding
reinickerdorfer str. 110
13347 berlin

june 20. 2017 – 8 p.m.

open every day
till july 4th, 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

bart van kersavond has been searching for art in the public space for more than ten years.
what started as a mere hobby has turned into a way of life over the years, which he portrays in his blog urbanpresents.net. wherever he goes, his journey brings him to creative spots in which he feels especially at home.

in several trips to marrakesh, bart has documented the rapid urban art evolution: from local tags and football murals to first pieces by international artists and on to the mb6streetart festival.
the oasis of jardin rouge is a highlight: 20km out of marrakesh lies the private artists residence. the vast area is a vibrant hub and source of inspiration not only to international artists but also to fans and critics.
the drive is an adventure in itself: a hand-drawn map directs visitors through small villages, across a dried out riverbed and on to a gravel road that finally leads to jardin rouge.
the oasis provides an overwhelming burst of colour. there are paintings as far as the eye can see. after the guided tour, visitors can either sit down in the living room and enjoy a cup of mint tea or move on to discover the area through the lens of a camera.

bart’s first exhibition will offer a fascinating view of this unique oasis.

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