marrakesh street art – diary 2017

day 1 – mo 16. october

today i arrived in marrakesh for 1 week of “streetart hunting”. but, at first check in at riad star and organize a scooter for the next 2 days.
then a first small trip through the old town to the place des epices, to see if the mb6 streetart murals are still there.

day 2 – tu 17. oktober

today is “jardin rouge”-day, on the programm 2 schools & the jardin rouge residency.
on the last minute i could organise a good scooter through, i can only recommend them!

day 3 – we 18. october

day 4 – th 19. october

day 5 – fr 20. october

day 6 – sa 21. october


day 7 – so 22. october

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