poes & jo ber mural at tariq ben ziad school, marrakesh


through the montresso art foundation, i organized an appointment at the tariq ben ziad school to watch the 360m2 mural of poes and jo ber. when i arrived at the school the street was swarming with all the students. i was curious how i – in this confusion – could make my appointment. but the friendly doorman was informed: when he saw me coming, he led me straight to the office of the school director ryane abdelmouhcine. there we had a warm conversation and visited the school grounds. in the courtyard, the long monotone wall is interrupted by the colorful mural. he proudly talks about the project: it was created in cooperation with montresso during the marrakech biennale 2016 and shows a variation of the well-known board game “fame of life”.

next to the big mural, there are other walls with grafitti. these were created during a graffiti workshop with the students.

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